SMS Marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing is one of the fastest growing Marketing methods used by companies today to spread short and effective promotional content.

With amazing packages offered by Packit Code Ltd, you can build up your target client database to improve your brand loyalty. Text messaging is a perfect solution for reaching out and notifying people in the close locality with a short and concise message about your product, and discounts or upcoming events. SMS marketing service is free of push-notification applications hassle.

With decreasing Mobile Carrier Costs, SMS Marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. A non-invasive marketing method known to trigger customers into action given the message is sent to a diligently prepared list of numbers. We are offering our customers the best SMS Marketing services.

Packit Code, SMS Marketing aims to help your company leverage sales, customer base or brand awareness, through campaigns and promotional actions.

Send Text Messages Online

Send Text Messages Online

With amazing features and cutting edge tools, you can now use our messenger to send thousands of bulk texts in a single go! You can choose to include sender name like your company’s name in the message and include custom information like receiver’s name to make it appear a customized text sent to a particular receiver.

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Receive Text Messages Online

Receive Text Messages and Online

Enter the Short code or the dedicated long number given to you and receive the text messages in an online inbox. The short codes can also be used to categorize responders as in opt-in customer interested in your brand. These customer contacts will be then automatically available in your messenger for a cost effective targeted marketing.

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Receive Replies To Texts Online

Receive Replies to Texts and Online

We provide reply numbers where all the replies from your contacts will be saved and presented to you as a two way communication. Enjoy the luxury of auto responders and auto forwarding options! You can have the replies forwarded to any email address, mobile number or website. Contacting large number of people and tracking their response was never easy before!

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Free Mobile App to Send & Receive Texts

Free Mobile App to Send & Receive Texts

Enjoy the amazing features of SMS Marketing with a convenience to operate from your smart phone. Download for absolute free our mobile app that brings you all the essential features on your phone! Just buy the SMS bundles and text large contact base from anywhere while on the move.

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NEW! Vouchers & Ticketing

Vouchers & Ticketing

You can create your own vouchers, tickets or loyalty cards with us!. We help you generate a unique ticket number to be sent to any number of contacts via text message with a link to download the ticket in their pass book app. The ticket redemption history is also available in the messenger for results analysis of the marketing scheme!

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Attach Files To Texts - Say Goodbye To Letters

Attach Files to Texts - Say Goodbye To Letters

We offer our clients cloud space to upload their files, menus, brochures , newsletter etc in either word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF or Jpeg format. You can send the link to your contacts and even track the clicks! We are one of the rare mobile messaging providers to offer attachment options in text messages.

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Attach Forms and Surveys To Texts

Attach Forms & Surveys to Texts

Doing a market survey? Send a link in texts with our unique service and see the responses analyzed automatically in reporting section. All survey forms, applications and booking forms are adaptable to mobile screens as well. Enjoy the free creation, free reporting and free replies to all such forms now and take advantage of the higher response rate of text messages compared to email messages!

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Create FREE Mobile Web Pages

Create FREE Mobile Web Pages

Customize your own mobile webpage with just few clicks and design specifically for small screen. Just attach a link to texts and send to your contacts. Texts do not go in spam like email, making marketing more effective while retaining the richness of visual and content of email. Also text messages typically have higher response rate than email messages.

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Simple SMS API Code For Developers

Simple SMS API Code for Developers

With your text message account with us, enjoy access to API and synchronise the sms service with your website, software or application. This service works equally good with PHP, .Net, C#, Java, Python, Ruby and many more. Watch as five lines of codes connect you to every mobile phone on the planet!

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Send MMS Multimedia Picture and Audio Messages

Send MMS Multimedia Picture and Audio Messages

We offer clients an easy and cost effective method of sending MMS multimedia with audio, video, images or vCard contacts. This feature will also support QR codes and Bar codes. You can also include a text message with the multimedia attachment. Enjoy the premium service at amazing prices with no hidden costs.

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Receive MMS Picture and Audio Messages

Receive MMS Picture and Audio Messages

You can also receive MMS multimedia in audio, video, image or vCard contact form with our messenger account in text or as an email attachment directly to an online inbox, website or application. The inbound MMS is free to receive and will be charged on sender. Like inbound texts, inbound MMS also have an option of auto responders and auto forwarding.

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Create, Share and Campaigns with Packit Code

SMS Marketing - An Easier Way to Reach a Wide Target Market

Cost Effective


Packit Code Ltd offers economical SMS marketing for its clients and we ensure our clients do not need to pay more than they should.

Easy Analysis

Easy Analysis

Our System allows you to receive instant reporting to see how many recipients have viewed your message.

Unlimited Text

Unlimited Text

If your text exceeds standard 160 characters, you can either insert a hyperlink or attach PDF to advertise your brand with the right design.

Additional Features

Additional Features

We are not just limited to marketing, however; this platform can also be used for deadline alerts, pending payments, short reminders etc.