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Gone are the days when the best way to approach your target customers was to place an advert in the local daily or directly post-print materials at their home or office address. With the high-rise trend of having everything mobile-optimized, industry specialists believe that people are more likely prompted to action when approached on their personal phone screens. VMobile-Marketing offers industry best services with the help of marketing and search engine specialists to help your business grow dynamically. Our experts excel at producing concise and mobile-optimized promotion messages including contests, vouchers and coupons, sales information and keyword-based promotion messages. We offer our services for all leading social media networks and applications with specialised Geo-Fencing targeting strategy.


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Nearly half (43%) of businesses now rely on power of advertising on mobile.

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With everything mobile now, hard paper coupons and vouchers have lost their charm and are ten times less likely to be redeemed.

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Hard paper newspaper advertising and direct emails are no longer popular methods of reaching target customers.


smartphones have definitely changed the way we do the business. Increasingly, successful businesses are advertising their business product or service in a mobile-optimised way so that they reach their target audience on the device that they are most likely to use. Packit Code Ltd is one of the trusted names in the industry when it comes to designing mobile-optimised advertising for mobile applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursqaure; and for search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. We offer variable packages that will suit your unique needs.

Our creative team is known for designing inimitable and attractive advertising in variable sizes so that you get placement easily on mobile apps and search engines. Our Marketing Specialists will further enhance the add performance by deciding the added time, size and frequency that is sure to prompt your target audience into action. We blend knowledge and experience to deliver perfection.
With our crystal clear pricing plans, you can easily forecast and enjoy a higher ROI for any said marketing ad. Packit Code Ltd has never incurred hidden charges or fees on their clients. Join hands with us to get the most out of your mobile customers.

Features Basic Plan Aggressive Plan Market Leader
Monthly ad spend $ 400 to $ 2,000 $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 $ 5,000 and up
Geo-fencing ad targeting
Mobile ad design
120x20 ads
168x28 ads
216x36 ads
300x50 ads
Google mobile search ads
Bing/Yahoo. mobile search ads
YouTube/video ads
Ads for iPhone apps
Ads for Android apps
Ads for Pandora (client supplies audio file)    
Facebook mobile ads  
Twitter mobile ads    
Mobile coupons  
Foursquare mobile ads    
International mobile ads    
SMS messages    
SMS delivery     3.5 cents per recipient
Initial (first month) investment $ 900 $ 1,300 $ 1,700
Monthly plan $ 325 $ 500 $ 750

Note: We cannot guarantee to get you to the top of search results as it depends on several factors e.g. competitiveness, link popularity, search engine policies and much more. With our skills and knowledge on the subjects and based on your explanations of the business, we will develop an optimisation strategy and select keyword phrases accordingly. Our historical data confirms our plans work on 99% occasions in benefit of our Clients. Our marketing/client data will be provided by the Customer.


With our SMS marketing, you can reach your target customers immediately without any risk of a browser formatting your message. We give you flexible options for creating multiple recipient lists and improve your chances of success with Geo-Fencing Location Based SMS. Our packages include the variety of services for your unique business needs. Partner with Packit Code Ltd and enhance your business visibility, generate more lead and improve your conversion rates.
With Geo-Fencing technology, you can target your potential buyers by interacting with them at the time they are near your business. When a customer enters into the virtual Geo-fence perimeter, a text message is triggered immediately. With Geo-fencing, you will be directing messages only to mobile phone numbers that are physically present in a certain area to have greater chances of prompting buyer action.

Features Standard Plan Vanity Code Plan Enterprise with Geo-Fencing
SMS Delivery on all networks
SMS Mailing Lists
SMS List Management
SMS Contests
SMS Coupons
SMS Keyword based promotions
SMS Auto-responders    
SMS Dashboard
Full SMS campaign reporting  
Monthly vanity code cost   $ 1,500 $ 1,500
Days to setup vanity code   ~60 days ~60 days
Setup of geo-fencing computer hardware    
Setup of a "geo-fence" around all store locations    
Variable "geo-fence" distance radius per store    
Auto SMS of coupon or promotion when patron enters store geo-fence    
Custom geo-fencing SMS integration with ERP or CRM software     Yes - call to speak with a developer
SMS message based on patron buying habits/history     Yes - call to speak with a developer
Setup of call tracking number for monthly ROI tracking Additional $ 200 mo. Additional $ 200 mo. Additional $ 200 mo.
Custom programming Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote
Price per standard SMS message $ 0.035 $ 0.035 $ 0.035
Price per geo-fenced SMS message N/A N/A Volume based: $ 0.20 to $ 0.50
Initial Investment $ 2,000 $ 2,500 $ 28,000
Monthly Investment $ 250 $ 250 $ 3,000
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